The Law Offices of Jeffrey S Mutnick

Practice Areas

Asbestos Litigation: Mr. Mutnick filed the first case filed in the Pacific Northwest on behalf of an asbestos victim. He has been involved in asbestos litigation since 1980 and was active in the preparation and litigation of some of the first asbestos cases. He has lectured and written extensively on the subject of asbestos-related injuries, including articles in professional magazines, the University of San Francisco Law Review. His extensive experience in this area is detailed below.

Toxic Injury Litigation: In addition to Mr. Mutnick’s extensive work in the area of asbestos litigation, he was the first lawyer in the State of Oregon to represent people injured by other types of products. His work has involved industrial induced asthma, mold, formaldehyde, contaminated water, and other types of environmentally caused injuries.

Construction Defects: Mr. Mutnick was one of the first lawyers in this region to become involved in construction defect cases. Representing plaintiffs in cases against builders, developers, contractors and subcontractors, Mr. Mutnick has been involved in EIFS (artificial stucco), roofing, siding, and other construction defect matters. He was associated with the national firm of Motley Rice as local counsel in the Louisiana Pacific Siding class action litigation. Mr. Mutnick is one of very few lawyers involved in this type of litigation and one of few who has actually litigated these issues to a jury.

Products Liability: Products liability cases involve asbestos cases, defective automobiles, defective building materials, and other dangerous or defective products. Mr. Mutnick was a member of the Oregon State Bar Products Liability Section, and has attended or lectured at numerous products liability seminars. His work in asbestos litigation, toxic injuries and construction defects, has been the subject of important appellate decisions.

Automobile and Truck Collisions: Through his over 20 years as a partner in the firm of Pozzi Wilson Atchison, Mr. Mutnick had an opportunity to represent hundreds of individuals in automobile and truck collisions. He has attended seminars involving the technology of the trucking industry and is familiar with accident reconstruction. He has lectured extensively on this subject. His brochure for individuals involved in personal injury cases is set forth on this website.

Maritime Injuries: Pozzi Wilson Atchison was one of the leading law firms in the United States involved in litigating injuries to seamen and longshoremen. Mr. Mutnick has represented hundreds of claimants covered by the Longshore and Harborworkers Compensation Act. He has also tried a significant number of maritime injury cases and has had significant verdicts for injured workers. Mr. Mutnick published an article in the University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal regarding “epidemic” type injuries to maritime workers and has written extensively on this subject. His brochure describing the rights of injured crew members and the Longshore and Harborworkers compensation system is included in this website.

Nursing Home Litigation: Over the past several years, Mr. Mutnick has been representing individuals injured or abused in nursing homes. He has attended special seminars to familiarize himself with the unique legislation available to persons in nursing homes. He has secured substantial compensation for individuals who have been neglected or abused in nursing homes.

Railroad Injuries: Mr. Mutnick has obtained compensation for railroad workers affected by equipment defects and maintenance issues, as well as representing passengers injured in railroad accidents.

General Litigation: In addition to the specific practice areas, Mr. Mutnick has represented individuals in many other cases. He regularly assists his clients with social security disability claims, claims involving Union pensions, disputes related to disability, life and credit insurance policies, and consumer trade litigation. Mr. Mutnick’s dedication to representing individuals in the justice system has involved him in a wide variety of legal matters over his more than 36 years as a member of the bar.